Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life in Paris

We arrived in Paris, France late Sunday night. It's crazy to think that Sunday was only 4 days ago... The days over here tend to blend together and Im totally not time conscious at all. It's great, seriously refreshing and a change of pace from regular life in the states! When we got here in Paris, we checked into our super nice hotel (we've been spoiled and I think our good luck is about to end) and we went to grab something to eat! 

My first view of Paris at sunset. 

We all just started walking, hoping to run into something that looked delicious, but somehow we just kept walking and walking and walking. I think we literally walked for an hour and a half just lost in conversation before we all realized how hungry we were. Half of the group split up and the other half of us stumbled upon this little Creperie. The old man in charge of the place was outside visiting with some of his customers and graciously invited us in. He was the sweetest old man ever.The owner of this hole in the wall shop was a sweet little Greek man who spoke not a lick of English. He was absolutely the sweetest. I was really nervous about coming to France because I have heard that French people are not very nice to Americans, but he was the sweetest man! Ah I just loved him! He just smiled and laughed at our attempts to speak and really tried to understand what we were saying. I find it amazing that you can still speak to someone without being able to communicate verbally. When communication is severed between two people you have to rely on other modes of communication. We smiled and laughed and pointed instead of speaking. I think its remarkable how so many things can be communicated without words.  Even though we were lost, we were still able to communicate love, respect and gratitude without even being able to say any words he could understand. 
This sweet little man in this random crepe shop was such an awesome example to me. I'm sure he doesn't make much money at what he does, there is no way he could- but you could tell he just loved it! But honestly, at the end of the day... Whatever is listed on your name tag as your occupation, it doesn't matter. It didn't matter that he ran a little tiny shop- it's the way he treated people, it's the way you treat people that makes it all worth it. That is what is most important. As my experience in Paris, it was such a great night. 

This crepe may not look very good but oh my goodness, it was the best. 

Paris is so different then I expected it to be and compared to London, it is completely different. In London, everyone speaks the same language (mostly) and everything is in English so it felt a lot like the states. In Paris, I feel lost. I know I stick out like a sore thumb, especially when all of us BYU kids are together. Everyone around you is speaking another language, you can't read anything, you can barely communicate-- you just feel lost in this amazing city with wonderful things to look at, literally at every turn. I really love the things you are able to notice when you aren't distracted by language. You are able to pay attention to things you never would when you can hear people's conversations or are constantly bombarded with advertisements to read. I feel lost and I love being lost. Paris is phenomenal. Everything about it. I'm actually quite impressed with myself because I've been able to get along pretty well with only knowing bonjour (hello), pardón (excuse me/pardon me), and marcie (I have no clue how to spell it, and it means thank you)! I just try to smile a lot to get me out of situations. Well that is all for now, but I have more to come!
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